Exploring Cell Mechanics – From Ripe Avocados to Sepsis Diagnosis
Technology Networks asked us why cell mechanics is important, how real-time deformability cytometry works and why we do what we do. Interested? Here is the interview: link
White paper on cell mechanics

This white paper published in Biophysical Reviews written by Prof. Jochen Guck, the father of real-time deformability cytometry, gives a great view on the field of cell mechanics. Link

"TrioMed" - Translation innovativer zellulärer Biophysik in die personalisierte Medizin

A team of six partners joined forces for a SAB project funded by saxony and the EU. Aim of the project "TrioMed" is to develop cell-based assays and to establish them in clinical practice for the treatment of autoimmune or oncological diseases. Multiple sclerosis is the first target area in this project (partner: Zentrum für klinische Neurowissenschaften an der Technischen Universität Dresden, Medizinische Fakultät). Therefor will automate and standardize our AcCellerator (together with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. and HTW-Dresden – Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden). Additionally, laboratory management processes will be digitalized (partner: qualitype GmbH) and software for patient management will be integrated (partner: MedicalSyn GmbH).

First customer in the southern hemisphere

We are really excited to have the University of New South Wales, Sydney as our next customer. More precise, Katharina Gaus, Scientia Professor and Head, EMBL Australia Node in Single Molecule Science and Chris Brownlee, Flow Cytometry Scientist, Biological Resources Imaging Laboratory, Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre.

Landessieger für Sachsen bei Gründerwettbewerb der KfW

Die ZELLMECHANIK DRESDEN GmbH ist im bundesweiten Unternehmenswettbewerb KfW Award Gründen 2018 als Landessieger Sachsen hervorgegangen. Die feierliche Auszeichnung fand am 11. Oktober im Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie in Berlin statt. Dies ist gleichzeitig die Auftaktveranstaltung für die Deutschen Gründer- und Unternehmertage (deGUT), in deren Rahmen der Preis vergeben wird.

Der Gewinn des Awards ist eine Qualitätsauszeichnung für junge Unternehmen. Mit seiner Vergabe möchte die KfW sowohl die erfolgreichen Gründerinnen und Gründer auszeichnen als auch dazu beitragen, dass der Schritt in die Selbstständigkeit mehr öffentliche Anerkennung erfährt. Unternehmen aller Branchen ab Gründungsjahr 2013 konnten am Wettbewerb teilnehmen. Die Preisträger aus 480 Bewerbungen sind von einer Jury mit erfahrenen Vertreterinnen und Vertretern aus der KfW, Förderinstituten, Wirtschaft, Politik und Medien ausgewählt. Bewertet wurden die Geschäftsideen nach ihrem Innovationsgrad, ihrer Kreativität und der Übernahme gesellschaftlicher Verantwortung. Für die Auszeichnung war auch maßgeblich, wie umweltbewusst die Umsetzung erfolgte und ob Arbeits- und Ausbildungsplätze geschaffen oder erhalten wurden.





Time to celebrate: Incredible how time flies! It's already three years ago that we officially started our ZELLMECHANIK journey, now running a successful business with the best team in the world.
Looking forward to the coming years and our ultimate goal of cell mechanics for diagnostic and prognostic decisions in healthcare! Happy Birthday, ZELLMECHANIK DRESDEN!

Cells in the speed trap – diagnosis in a matter of seconds

Medica Magazine published an interview with Christoph and Daniel. If you want to know where we stand today and where we will be tomorrow, read here.


The Hightech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V. started a Hightech - Vlog and we are the first start-up to be interviewed by Dresden Fernsehn. This is the youtube link. English subtitles are available. Have fun watching.

Publication on RT-DC combined with fluorescence cytometry

Main author is our Head of Product Development: Philipp. The Guck lab did a great job combining RT-DC and fluorescence based cytometry. Here is the article. Here is the commercial version of the system. Contact us, if you are interested in RT-FDC.

Scientific publication on the mechanical haemogram

The open-access life science journal eLife published a peer reviewed article on "Detection of human disease conditions by single-cell morpho-rheological phenotyping of blood". The work is based on our technology and shows its large potential for the development of clinical use cases. For an easily understandable abstract, read the eLife digest. The full article canbe found here.

Project funding from the ERC

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded a Proof of Concept (PoC) Grant to Prof. Dr. Jochen Guck, research group leader at the Biotechnology Center of TU Dresden and ZELLMECHANIK DRESDEN GmbH. It is already the second PoC Grant for Prof. Guck. The first PoC Grant in 2014/15 (ERC Grant Agreement No 632222) allowed us to translate basic science of ERC-funded research (ERC-StG, Project No 282060) into a commercially available device. As a result of this work ZELLMECHANIK DRESDEN GmbH was founded and started selling the first product - AcCellerator -  to customers in scientific research. Applications of this technology on blood cells start to show its great potential for therapy management of severe infections (see eLife publication). The current PoC Grant (ERC Grant Agreement No 780669) will enable us to intensively explore the best way to translate the latest research results into an in-vitro diagnostic device and prepare an access strategy to the market of medical devices. Our long-term mission is to help health care providers to improve their diagnostic and prognostic decisions for sustainable therapies, especially in the case of severe sepsis. For the next 18 months, the PoC Grant for a total amount of 150,000 € will serve to support the analysis of the competition, planning of clinical trials, development of intellectual property strategies, the search for strategic partners, and much more

New version of ShapeOut
Update to 0.8.1. Please use the possibility to raise "Issues" on the Github-platform, if you have any suggestions for enhancement or encounter reproducible bugs. Our ShapeOut specialist Paul will take care of it. Have fun analyzing.
Now available: Simultaneous measurement of deformability and fluorescent signals
Extend your AcCellerator with the FluorescenceModule to open a new dimension in RT-DC. Up to three laser lines and three detection channels are available. The first system is in action (ZIK-HIKE Greifswald), the second will be shipped soon. Check out our product site for details.
Now available: Fast video microscopy using the DeCellerator

Check out our latest product: high speed video microscopy of up to 10000 frames per second for brightfield video analysis in slow motion.

The DeCellerator 

Now available: temperature control with the HeatModule

Check out our incubator box, designed for the AcCellerator on Zeiss AxioObserver. It allows for experiments at controlled temperatures between ambient and 37°C.

The HeatModule

New Products, New Publications

We developed an incubator for the AcCellerator, allowing for temperature-controlled experiments - the HeatModule. Additionally we extracted the RT-DC-feature of high-speed video microscopy, creating a new product - the DeCellerator. Finally, we are are close to announcing an extremely powerful Add-on for the AcCellerator: a complete fluorescence excitation and detection system for simultaneous measurements of cell deformation and fluorescence signals - the FluoresscenceModule.

Detailed information, comming soon.

Check out the latest publications on Red blood cells and shear thinning in the FlicXXs on our references page.

Nadine Schmieder-Galfe recieves the "Sächsischen Gründerinnenpreis 2017"

Nadine is honoured as "foundress" of the year 2017 from the Saxonian Ministry of Social Affairs and  Consumer Protection. Check out the nice portrait (sorry, only in German).

ZELLMECHANIK DRESDEN delivers the next AcCellerator

The fourth AcCellerator  is delivered to the University of Greifswald.


In October we presented our ideas amongst the 40 best european teams to more than 70 investors at HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS in Dresden. We made very important connenctions, had a lot of fun and ... won the best pitch award 2016. (Photos: Frank Grätz)

ZELLMECHANIK DRESDEN @ German Society for Cytometry

We sucessfully introduced our startup, ZELLMECHANIK DRESDEN, our technology, the AcCellerator and our method, Real-Time Deformability Cytometry at the 26th annual conference of the German Society for Cytometry in Berlin. Besides the great opportunity to pitch our technology at the "Product Slam" and to sponsor the lanyards for the conference names badges, our abstract had been chosen by the organizers and was presented by Christoph in the "Emerging Technologies"- Session (Photograph and Copyright by Arne Sattler). Many participants visited our booth at the exhibition, leading to highly interesting scientific discussions, many new contacts, appointments for demonstrations, new ideas for appilcations... I guess we left some footprints.

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