High-speed video microscopy

The DeCellerator     is a high-speed, brightfield video microscope.  A high intensity LED gives pulsed flashes in coordination with the camera. This allows to study processes in extreme slow-motion.

  • Up to 10000 frames per second
  • motion blurring suppressed by microsecond light flashes

Example app decellerator:
blood cells in vivo - slow motion

Courtesy of Stephanie Möllmert - Guck Lab

Example app Decellerator:
micro-Beads production 

The microfluidic device is able to control simultaneously the flow of four different liquids in order to create droplets in oil, where each droplet contains one DNA barcoding hydrogel bead and one cell to produce a barcoded library for sequencing. - Courtesy of Savatore Girardo, CMCB, Joint Technology Platform


  • Zeiss AxioObserver including 40x NA 0.65 objective, x,y-stage, adjustable sample holder
  • High-speed camera - Mikrotron EoSens CL
  • PC-system including frame grabber
  • Acqusition software: RecoTeem
  • High-power LED AcCellerator L1

The price

The DeCellerator  starts from 49 000 €. If you have a suiting microscope, the price reduces accordingly.
(only for business customers from academia, excl. VAT)

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