Cell characterization with light and force

The AcCellerator is a high speed imaging cytometer for mechanical cell characterization through real-time deformability cytometry measurements. Designed as an extension to an inverted microscope, the combination of hardware and software solutions ensures unprecedented comfort and flexibility for cell mechanical measurements. Our InitialService includes delivery, installation and user training as well as all the consumables necessary for your first experiments.

the accellerator:
A combination of fast imaging, flow cytometry and force application for single cells.


Explore physical properties of cells as a biomarker. Using the AcCellerator   , you can apply non-destructive forces to cells or beads and observe their deformation. This allows to study the specific mechanical response  to physical stress.

  • mechanics as a new biomarker
  • label-free
  • non-destructive forces


Every cell is photographed, analyzed and stored simultaneously. This allows to find small subpopulations or distinguish cells by  means of  their optical properties.  Additionally one  can study morphological properties like surface topology or the attenuation of light by the cell.

  • storage of every acquired image
  • quick access to cell size and morphology


Parameters like deformation, brighness and size are extracted while the cell is passing the channel. This allows to gate for cell properties in real-time.

  • up to 1000 cells per second
  • no cell isolation/purification necessary

Do you want to combine real-time deformability cytometry and simultaneous fluorescence detection ? Check out the FluorescenceModule  !

software for data aquisition


Shape-In allows you to define your measurement parameters and to control measurement conditions. The created data file contains information on all detected events including image data, deformation data and morphology data. Real-time gating allows you to focus on a subpopulation of cells within a heterogeneous sample.

Software for data analysis: click here  shape-out

The all-inclusive package includes:

  • Inverted microscope Zeiss AxioObserver  with xy stage and 40x/0.65 microscopy objective  (options: manual or motorized)
  • High-speed CMOS camera
  • High-power LED illumination  for microsecond stroboscopic  flashes triggered by the camera
  • High-precision syringe pump with two syringe modules
  • Sample holder with magnetic fixation, rotation platform  and cover box with fast clamping for the tubing
  • Dedicated computer, ready-to-use, including frame grabber (options: Windows-PC or -Laptop)
  • Preconfigurated measurement software Shape-In2
  • Free open source analysis software Shape-Out    for post-experimental data evaluation
  • Delivery, installation, teaching of the users
  • Free software updates for one year
  • Consumables for the first 100 experiments

The price

The AcCellerator  starts from 126 000 €. The price depends on your needs for a microscope or customizations.  We offer shipping, installation, teaching. All you need are 2 m² on a stable table in a temperature stable room. 

(only for business customers from academia, excl. VAT)

Download a pdf-flyer of all our products, including the specifications. click here!

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