Free analysis and visualization software for RT-DC data

transparent, open source, free of charge

Shape-Out     is our software solution for post processing of RT-DC data. Inspired by our customers Shape-Out    is constantly refined and developed.  The whole dataset of a measurement is read allowing e.g. to mouse over data points to see the image of the analyzed cell. That makes it easy to identify outier, debris, cell-doublets or else. The software allows to filter for all parameters (of course also fluorescence data taken with the FluorescenceModule), to obtain summarized statistics, to compare datasets or to calculate elastic modulus. Our open source policy enables to retrace the calculations behind the evaluation procedures.

  • Export data to different formats for other software (e.g. *.fcs for FlowJo, *.tsv for Excel)
  • Export plots to pdf
  • Bug reporting via GitHub

Shape-Out is designed as an open source software to grant our customers full access to the analysis process. It allows you to inspect and analyze your data by:

  • filtering/gating
  • visualizing
  • calculating elastic moduli
  • determinig statistics (e.g. comparison by linear mixed models)

GitHub  platform  for transparent software development

Shape-Out     is hosted on the development platform  GitHub. This way every user can review the software code to understand the analysis  processes. It is possible to raise "Issues" that might appear using Shape-Out    like  ideas for new features or  suggestions for optimization, but also  reports for software bugs.

Download and test it

You can downlaod and install the latest version on your Windows or Mac. To get a feeling for RT-DC data analysis you can load sample data sets from a DCOR database in the software. To go the first steps read the short documentation at readthedocs.

The price

Shape-Out    is free of charge.

Any question, suggestion or criticism?