Cell sorting with the AcCellerator

The SortingModule   is an add-on for the AcCellerator   and     utilizes the full potential of our real-time data analysis:   one target sorting for any property of the cell that the AcCellerator  (or the   FluorescenceModule)  extracts in real-time.

LAbel-free sorting for cell-intrinsic properties

  • Label-free sorting for  deformation, brightness,  size, morphology parameters... and any combination
  • Sorting for fluorescence signals detected with the FluorescenceModule   and any combination with label-free parameters
  • Available for 20 and 30 µm channels on the sorting chip FlicSo
  • Gentle sorting through pressure driven flow-shift avoids additional stress to sorted cells
  • For measurement rates of 100 cells/s with positive sorting rates of up to 50 cells/s
  • Typical absolute sorting numbers are several 10k cells in the target outlet (numbers are dependent on the initial target concentration)
  • Available for integration with existing AcCellerator   devices

Example: Sorting of lymphocytes from leukocytes through a size gate. Left side shows the sorting measurement, right side shows the re-analysed  target.

The package includes:

  • Module providing sorting pulses and pressure regulation
  • SortingUnit  that is mounted directly to the existing SampleBox
  • 50 microfluidic chips for sorting (called FlicSo)
  • SampleStage   for FlicSo
  • Upgrade of Shape-In 2  for full software control of your sorting experiments
  • Delivery, installation, teaching of the users

The price:

The SortingModule   is 54 000 €.
(only for business customers from academia, excl. VAT)

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