Publications related to or based on
real-time deformability cytometry  






          2023 - Soft Matter

          A new hyperelastic lookup table for RT-DC

          Wittwer L.D., Reichel F., Müller P., Guck J., Aland S.

          2023 - iScience

          Alcohol-sourced acetate impairs T cell function by promoting cortactin acetylation

          Azizov V., Hübner M., Frech M., Hofmann J., Kubankova M., Lapuente D., Tenbusch M., Guck J., Schett G., Zaiss M.M.

          2023 - Cytoskeleton

          Cell‐surface contacts determine volume and mechanical properties of human embryonic kidney 293 T cells

          Dabbiru V.A.S., Manu E., Biedenweg D., Nestler P., Pires R.H., Otto O.

          2023 - Cell Proliferation

          High‐throughput mechano‐cytometry as a method to detect apoptosis, necroptosis, and ferroptosis

          Van der Meeren L., Verduijn J., Krysko D.V., Skirtach A.G.

          2023 - Frontiers in Immunology

          Human T cells loaded with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles retain antigen-specific TCR functionality

          Pfister F., Dörrie J., Schaft N., Buchele V., Unterweger H., Carnell L.R., Schreier P., Stein R., Kubánková M., Guck J., Hackstein H., Alexiou C., Janko C.

          2023 - Arthritis & Rheumatology

          Identification of a Distinct Monocyte‐Driven Signature in Systemic Sclerosis Using Biophysical Phenotyping of Circulating Immune Cells

          Matei A., Kubánková M., Xu L., Györfi A., Boxberger E., Soteriou D., Papava M., Prater J., Hong X., Bergmann C., Kräter M., Schett G., Guck J., Distler J.H.W.

          2023 - Gut

          IL-3 receptor signalling suppresses chronic intestinal inflammation by controlling mechanobiology and tissue egress of regulatory T cells

          Ullrich K.A.-M., Derdau J., Baltes C., Battistella A., Rosso G., Uderhardt S., Schulze L.L., Liu L.-J., Dedden M., Spocinska M., Kainka L., Kubánková M., Müller T.M., Schmidt N.-M., Becker E., Ben Brahim O., Atreya I., Finotto S., Prots I., Wirtz S., Weigmann B., López-Posadas R., Atreya R., Ekici A.B., Lautenschläger F., Guck J., Neurath M.F., Zundler S.

          2023 - Lab on a Chip

          Image-based cell sorting using focused travelling surface acoustic waves

          Nawaz A.A., Soteriou D., Xu C.K., Goswami R., Herbig M., Guck J., Girardo S.

          2023 - Scientific Reports

          Increased red blood cell deformation in children and adolescents after SARS-CoV-2 infection

          Eder J., Schumm L., Armann J.P., Puhan M.A., Beuschlein F., Kirschbaum C., Berner R., Toepfner N.

          2023 - Frontiers in Neurology

          Influence of exercise on quantity and deformability of immune cells in multiple sclerosis

          Proschmann U., Shalchi-Amirkhiz P., Andres P., Haase R., Inojosa H., Ziemssen T., Akgün K.

          2023 - Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences

          Pilot study on the influence of acute alcohol exposure on biophysical parameters of leukocytes

          Shalchi-Amirkhiz P., Bensch T., Proschmann U., Stock A.-K., Ziemssen T., Akgün K.

          2023 - Nature Biomedical Engineering

          Rapid single-cell physical phenotyping of mechanically dissociated tissue biopsies

          Soteriou D., Kubánková M., Schweitzer C., López-Posadas R., Pradhan R., Thoma O.-M., Györfi A.-H., Matei A.-E., Waldner M., Distler J.H.W., Scheuermann S., Langejürgen J., Eckstein M., Schneider-Stock R., Atreya R., Neurath M.F., Hartmann A., Guck J.

          2023 - Soft Matter

          Shear rheology of methyl cellulose based solutions for cell mechanical measurements at high shear rates

          Büyükurgancı B., Basu S.K., Neuner M., Guck J., Wierschem A., Reichel F.

          2023 - HemaSphere

          The Nanomechanical Properties of CLL Cells Are Linked to the Actin Cytoskeleton and Are a Potential Target of BTK Inhibitors

          Sampietro M., Cassina V., Salerno D., Barbaglio F., Buglione E., Marrano C.A., Campanile R., Scarfò L., Biedenweg D., Fregin B., Zamai M., Díaz Torres A., Labrador Cantarero V., Ghia P., Otto O., Mantegazza F., Caiolfa V.R., Scielzo C.

          2023 - EMBO Reports

          Tissue‐like environments shape functional interactions of HIV ‐1 with immature dendritic cells

          Gallucci L., Abele T., Fronza R., Stolp B., Laketa V., Sid Ahmed S., Flemming A., Müller B., Göpfrich K., Fackler O.T.

          2022 - Frontiers in Physiology

          Changes in Blood Cell Deformability in Chorea-Acanthocytosis and Effects of Treatment With Dasatinib or Lithium.

          Reichel F., Kräter M., Peikert K., Glaß H., Rosendahl P., Herbig M., Rivera Prieto A., Kihm A., Bosman G., Kaestner L., Hermann A., Guck J.

          2022 - PLOS Biology

          Cytoskeletal vimentin regulates cell size and autophagy through mTORC1 signaling

          Mohanasundaram P., Coelho-Rato L.S., Modi M.K., Urbanska M., Lautenschläger F., Cheng F., Eriksson J.E.

          2022 - Cancers

          Decoding Single Cell Morphology in Osteotropic Breast Cancer Cells for Dissecting Their Migratory, Molecular and Biophysical Heterogeneity

          Bemmerlein L., Deniz I.A., Karbanová J., Jacobi A., Drukewitz S., Link T., Göbel A., Sevenich L., Taubenberger A.V., Wimberger P., Kuhlmann J.D., Corbeil D.

          2022 - Translational Psychiatry

          Depressive disorders are associated with increased peripheral blood cell deformability: a cross-sectional case-control study (Mood-Morph)

          Walther A., Mackens-Kiani A., Eder J., Herbig M., Herold C., Kirschbaum C., Guck J., Wittwer L.D., Beesdo-Baum K., Kräter, M.

          2022 - Scientific Reports

          Divalent magnesium restores cytoskeletal storage lesions in cold-stored platelet concentrates.

          Aurich K., Wesche J., Ulbricht M., Otto O., Greinacher A., Palankar R.

          2022 - Communications Biology

          Ex vivo anticoagulants affect human blood platelet biomechanics with implications for high-throughput functional mechanophenotyping.

          Sachs L., Wesche J., Lenkeit L., Greinacher A., Bender M., Otto O., Palankar R.

          2022 - Biomicrofluidics

          Interpretation of cell mechanical experiments in microfluidic systems depend on the choice of cellular shape descriptors

          Fregin B., Biedenweg D., Otto O.

          2022 - Scientific Reports

          Label-free imaging flow cytometry for analysis and sorting of enzymatically dissociated tissues.

          Herbig M., Tessmer K., Nötzel M., Nawaz A.A., Santos-Ferreira T., Borsch O., Gasparini S.J., Guck J., Ader M.

          2022 - Scientific Reports

          Machine learning assisted real‑time deformability cytometry of CD34+ cells allows to identify patients with myelodysplastic syndromes.

          Herbig M., Jacobi A., Wobus M., Weidner H., Mies A., Kräter M., Otto O., Thiede C., Weickert M., Götze K.S., Rauner M., Hofbauer L.C., Bornhäuser M., Guck J., Ader M., Platzbecker U., Balaian E.

          2022 - Biomicrofluidics

          Mechanical characterization of isolated mitochondria under conditions of oxidative stress

          Komaragiri Y., Panhwar M.H., Fregin B., Jagirdar G., Wolke C., Spiegler S., Otto O.

          2022 - Cancers

          mRNA Subtype of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Significantly Affects Key Characteristics of Head and Neck Cancer Cells

          Peltanová B., Holcová Polanská H., Raudenská M., Balvan J., Navrátil J., Vičar T., Gumulec J., Čechová B., Kräter M., Guck J., Kalfeřt D., Grega M., Plzák J., Betka J., Masařík M.

          2022 - Physiological Reports

          Switching in the expression pattern of actin isoforms marks the onset of contractility and distinct mechanodynamic behavior during cardiomyocyte differentiation

          Pires R.H., Dau T.H., Manu E., Shree N., Otto O.

          2022 - Scientific Reports

          The impact of cell culture media on the interaction of biopolymer-functionalized gold nanoparticles with cells: mechanical and toxicological properties

          Meesaragandla B., Komaragiri Y., Schlüter R., Otto O., Delcea M.

          2021 - Blood

          HIF2α is a direct regulator of neutrophil motility

          Sormendi S., Deygas M., Sinha A., Bernard M., Krüger A., Kourtzelis I., Le Lay G., Sáez P.J., Gerlach M., Franke K., Meneses A., Kräter M., Palladini A., Guck J., Coskun Ü., Chavakis T., Vargas P., Wielockx B.

          2021 - Advanced Science

          AIDeveloper: Deep Learning Image Classification in Life Science and Beyond

          Kräter M., Abuhattum S., Soteriou D., Jacobi A., Krüger T., Guck J., Herbig M.

          2021 - Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle

          Inhibition of the NLRP3/IL‐1β axis protects against sepsis‐induced cardiomyopathy

          Busch K., Kny M., Huang N., Klassert T.E., Stock M., Hahn A., Graeger S., Todiras M., Schmidt S., Chamling B., Willenbrock M., Groß S., Biedenweg D., Heuser A., Scheidereit C., Butter C., Felix S.B., Otto O., Luft F.C., Slevogt H., Fielitz J.

          2021 - Developmental Cell

          Mechanical Adaptability of Tumor Cells in Metastasis

          Gensbittel V, Kräter M, Harlepp S, Busnelli I, Guck J, Goetz JG.

          2021 - Biomaterials Science

          Mechanical properties of cell- and microgel bead-laden oxidized alginate-gelatin hydrogels

          Distler T., Kretzschmar L., Schneidereit D., Girardo S., Goswami R., Friedrich O., Detsch R., Guck J., Boccaccini A.R., Budday S.

          2021 - Biophysical Journal

          Physical phenotype of blood cells is altered in COVID-19

          Kubánková M., Hohberger B., Hoffmanns J., Fürst J., Herrmann M., Guck J., Kräter M.

          2021 - Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases

          Proteomic, biomechanical and functional analyses define neutrophil heterogeneity in systemic lupus erythematosus.

          Bashant KR, Aponte AM, Randazzo D, Rezvan Sangsari P, Wood AJ, Bibby JA, West EE, Vassallo A, Manna ZG, Playford MP, Jordan N, Hasni S, Gucek M, Kemper C, Conway Morris A, Morgan NY, Toepfner N, Guck J, Mehta NN, Chilvers ER, Summers C, Kaplan MJ.

          2021 - Investigative Radiology

          Real-Time Deformability Cytometry Detects Leukocyte Stiffening After Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agent Exposure

          Jacobi A., Ariza de Schellenberger A., Uca Y.O., Herbig M., Guck J., Sack I.

          2020 - Nature Methods

          A comparison of microfluidic methods for high-throughput cell deformability measurements

          Urbanska M., Munoz H.E.,  Bagnall J.S., Otto O., Manalis S.R., Di Carlo D., Guck J.

          2020 - Materials Today Bio

          Cancer-associated fibroblasts of the prostate promote a compliant and more invasive phenotype in benign prostate epithelial cells

          Jaeschke A, Jacobi A, Lawrence MG, Risbridger GP, Frydenberg M, Williams ED, Vela I, Hutmacher DW, Bray LJ, Taubenberger A

          2020 - Haematologica

          Coactosin-like 1 integrates signaling critical for shear-dependent thrombus formation in mouse platelets

          Scheller I, Stritt S, Beck S, Peng B, Pleines I, Heinze KG, Braun A, Otto O, Ahrends R, Sickmann A, Bender M, Nieswandt B.

          2020 - Lab on a Chip

          Deformability-induced lift force in spiral microchannels for cell separation.

          Guzniczak E, Otto O, Whyte G, Willoughby N, Jimenez M, Bridle H.

          2020 - Nature  Communications

          High-throughput cell and spheroid mechanics in virtual fluidic channels

          Panhwar M.H., Czerwinski F., Dabbiru V.A.S., Komaragiri Y., Fregin B., Biedenweg D., Nestler P., Pires R.H., Otto O.

          2020 - Nature Methods

          Intelligent image-based deformation-assisted cell sorting with molecular specificity

          Nawaz AA, Urbanska M, Herbig M, Nötzel M, Kräter M, Rosendahl P, Herold C, Toepfner N, Kubánková M, Goswami R, Abuhattum S, Reichel F, Müller P, Taubenberger A, Girardo S, Jacobi A, Guck J.

          2020 - Lab on a Chip

          Label-free on chip quality assessment of cellular blood products using real-time deformability cytometry

          Aurich K., Fregin B., Palankar R., Wesche J., Hartwich O., Biedenweg D., Nguyen TH., Greinacher A., Otto O.

          2020 - Frontiers in Immunology

          Maturation of Monocyte-Derived DCs Leads to Increased Cellular Stiffness, Higher Membrane Fluidity, and Changed Lipid Composition.

          Löhr J.J., Alex N., Amon L., Kräter M., Kubánková M., Sezgin E., Lehmann C.H.K., Heger L., Heidkamp G.F., Smith A.-S., Zaburdaev V., Böckmann R.A., Levental I., Dustin M.L., Eggeling C., Guck J., Dudziak D.

          2020 - Polymers

          Microfluidic Fabrication of Click Chemistry-Mediated Hyaluronic Acid Microgels: A Bottom-Up Material Guide to Tailor a Microgel's Physicochemical and Mechanical Properties

          Heida T, Otto O, Biedenweg D, Hauck N, Thiele J.

          2020 - Developmental Cell

          Oncogenic Signaling Alters Cell Shape and Mechanics to Facilitate Cell Division under Confinement

          Matthews HK., Ganguli S., Plak K., Taubenberger AV., Win Z., Williamson M., Piel M., Guck J., Baum B.

          2020 - Biotechnoly and Bioengineering

          Purifying stem cell-derived red blood cells: a high-throughput label-free downstream processing strategy based on microfluidic spiral inertial separation and membrane filtration.

          Guzniczak E, Otto O, Whyte G, Chandra T, Robertson NA, Willoughby N, Jimenez M, Bridle H.

          2020 - Research and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis

          Quantifying single-platelet biomechanics: An outsider's guide to biophysical methods and recent advances

          Sachs L., Denker C., Greinacher A., Palankar R.

          2020 - Hamostaseologie

          Role of Platelet Cytoskeleton in Platelet Biomechanics: Current and Emerging Methodologies and Their Potential Relevance for the Investigation of Inherited Platelet Disorders

          Zaninetti C, Sachs L, Palankar R.

          2020 - Biology of the Cell

          The mechanics of myeloid cells                                                                                                    

          Bashant KR., Toepfner N., Day CJ., Mehta NN., Kaplan MJ., Summers C., Guck J., Chilvers ER.

          2020 - Journal of Polymer Science

          Tunable polymer microgel particles and their study using microscopy and real‐time deformability cytometry

          Sinjari S, Freitag JS, Herold C, Otto O, Smith DM, Stöver HDH

          2019 - Methods in Molecular Biology

          Analysis of Biomechanical Properties of Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells Using Real-Time Fluorescence and Deformability Cytometry

          Jacobi A., Rosendahl P., Kräter M., Urbanska M., Herbig M., Guck J.

          2019 - Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

          Biallelic CCM3 mutations cause a clonogenic survival advantage and endothelial cell stiffening

          Schwefel K., Spiegler S., Ameling S., Much C.D., Pilz R.A., Otto O., Völker U., Felbor U., Rath M.

          2019 - Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

          Cardiomyocyte mechanodynamics under conditions of actin remodelling

          Pires RH., Shree N., Manu E., Guzniczak E., Otto O.

          2019 - IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

          Cell Mechanics Based Computational Classification of Red Blood Cells Via Machine Intelligence Applied to Morpho-Rheological Markers

          Ge Y., Rosendahl P., Duran C., Toepfner N., Ciucci S., Guck J., Cannistraci C.V..

          2019 - Stem Cell Research & Therapy

          Cell number in mesenchymal stem cell aggregates dictates cell stiffness and chondrogenesis

          Sarem M., Otto O., Tanaka S., Shastri V.P.

          2019 - Annals of Hematology

          Effects of rigosertib on the osteo-hematopoietic niche in myelodysplastic syndromes

          Balaian E., Weidner H., Wobus M., Baschant U., Jacobi A., Mies A., Bornhäuser M., Guck J., Hofbauer L.C., Rauner M., Platzbecker U.

          2019 - Biophysical Journal

          High-Throughput Microfluidic Characterization of Erythrocyte Shapes and Mechanical Variability                                            

          Reichel F., Mauer J., Nawaz A.A., Gompper G., Guck J., Fedosov D.A.

          2019 - Nature Communications

          High-throughput single-cell rheology in complex samples by dynamic real-time deformability cytometry

          Fregin B., Czerwinski F., Biedenweg D., Girardo S., Gross S., Aurich K., Otto O.

          2019 - Cytometry Part A

          Morpho-Rheological Fingerprinting of Rod Photoreceptors Using Real-Time Deformability Cytometry

          Santos-Ferreira T., Herbig M., Otto O., Carido M., Karl MO., Michalakis S., Guck J., Ader M.

          2019 - Journal of Leukocyte Biology

          Real-time deformability cytometry reveals sequential contraction and expansion during neutrophil priming

          Bashant K.R., Vassallo A., Herold C., Berner R., Menschner L., Subburayalu J., Kaplan M.J., Summers C., Guck J., Chilvers E.R., Toepfner N.

          2019 - Advanced Science

          Spheroid Culture of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Results in Morphorheological Properties Appropriate for Improved Microcirculation

          Tietze S., Kräter M., Jacobi A., Taubenberger A., Herbig M., Wehner R., Schmitz M., Otto O., List C., Kaya B., Wobus M., Bornhäuser M., Guck J.

          2019 - Cancer Research

          Targeting Mechanoresponsive Proteins in Pancreatic Cancer: 4-Hydroxyacetophenone Blocks Dissemination and Invasion by Activating MYH14

          Surcel A., Schiffhauer E.S., Thomas D.G., Zhu Q., DiNapoli K.T., Herbig M., Otto O., West-Foyle H., Jacobi A., Kräter M., Plak K., Guck J., Jaffee E.M., Iglesias P.A., Anders R.A., Robinson D.N.

          2019 - Molecular Biology of the Cell

          The relationship between metastatic potential and in vitro mechanical properties of osteosarcoma cells

          Holenstein C.N., Horvath A., Schär B., Schoenenberger A.D., Bollhalder M., Goedecke N., Bartalena G., Otto O., Herbig M., Guck J., Müller D.A., Snedeker J.G., Silvan U.

          2018 - Cells

          Alterations in Cell Mechanics by Actin Cytoskeletal Changes Correlate with Strain-Specific Rubella Virus Phenotypes for Cell Migration and Induction of Apoptosis

          Kräter M., Sapudom J., Bilz N.C., Pompe T., Guck J., Claus C.

          2018 - Molecular Biology of the Cell

          Cancer cell ability to mechanically adjust to extracellular matrix stiffness correlates with their invasive potential

          Wullkopf l., West AK. V., Leijnse N., Cox T. R., Madsen C. D., Oddershede L. B., Erler J.T.

          2018 - eLife

          Detection Of Human Disease Conditions By Single-Cell Morpho-Rheological Phenotyping Of Whole Blood

          Töpfner N., Herold C., Otto O., Rosendahl P., Jacobi A., Kräter M., Stächele J., Menschner L., Herbig M., Ciuffreda L., Ranford-Cartwright L., Grzybek M., Coskun U., Reithuber E., Garriss G., Mellroth P., Henriques-Normark B., Tregay N., Suttorp M., Bornhäuser M., Chilvers E.R., Berner R., Guck J.

          2018 - Methods in Cell Biology

          High-throughput single-cell mechanical phenotyping with real-time deformability cytometry

          Urbanska M., Rosendahl P., Kräter M., Guck J.

          2018 - Biomicrofluidics

          Impact of poloxamer 188 (Pluronic F-68) additive on cell mechanical properties, quantification by real-time deformability cytometry

          Guzniczak E., Jimenez M., Irwin M., Otto O., Willoughby N., Bridle H.

          2018 - Frontiers in Immunology

          Metabolic Profiling of Human Eosinophils

          Porter L., Toepfner N., Bashant K.R., Guck J., Ashcroft M., Farahi N., Chilvers E.R.

          2018 - Flow Cytometry Protocols

          Real-Time Deformability Cytometry: Label-Free Functional Characterization of Cells.

          Herbig M., Kräter M., Plak K., Müller P., Guck J., Otto O.

          2018 - Nature Methods

          Real-time fluorescence and deformability cytometry

          Rosendahl P., Plak K., Jacobi A., Kraeter M., Toepfner N., Otto O., Herold C., Winzi M., Herbig M., Ge Y., Girardo S., Wagner K., Baum B., Guck J.

          2018 - Journal of Materials Chemistry B

          Standardized microgel beads as elastic cell mechanical probes

          Girardo S., Träber N., Wagner K., Cojoc G., Herold C., Goswami R., Schlüßler R., Abuhattum S., Taubenberger A., Reichel F., Mokbel D., Herbig M., Schürmann M., Müller P., Heida T., Jacobi A., Ulbricht E., Thiele J., Werner C., Guck J.

          2018 - Biomicrofluidics

          Statistics for real-time deformability cytometry: Clustering, dimensionality reduction, and significance testing.

          Herbig M., Mietke A., Müller P., Otto O.

          2018 - Cell

          There Will Be Blood Tests

          Dodgson S.E.

          2017 - Nature Communications

          Actin stress fiber organization promotes cell stiffening and proliferation of pre-invasive breast cancer cells

          Tavares S., Vieira AF., Taubenberger AV., Araújo M., Martins NP., Brás-Pereira C., Polónia A., Herbig M., Barreto C., Otto O., Cardoso J., Pereira-Leal JB., Guck J., Paredes J., Janody F.

          2017 - Scientific Reports

          Bone marrow niche-mimetics modulate HSPC function via integrin signaling.

          Kräter M., Jacobi A., Otto O., Tietze S., Müller K., Poitz DM., Palm S., Zinna VM., Biehain U., Wobus M., Chavakis T., Werner C., Guck J., Bornhäuser M.

          2017 - Scientific Reports

          High-throughput assessment of mechanical properties of stem cell derived red blood cells, toward cellular downstream processing

          Guzniczak E., Mohammad Zadeh M., Dempsey F., Jimenez M., Bock H., Whyte G., Willoughby N. & Bridle H.

          2017 - Cytoskeleton

          High-throughput cell mechanical phenotyping for label-free titration assays of cytoskeletal modifications.

          Golfier S., Rosendahl P., Mietke A., Herbig M., Guck J., Otto O.

          2017 - Blood

          Initiation of acute graft-versus-host disease by angiogenesis

          Riesner K, Shi Y, Jacobi A, Kraeter M, Kalupa M, McGearey A, Mertlitz S, Cordes S, Schrezenmeier JF, Mengwasser J, Westphal S, Perez-Hernandez D, Schmitt C, Dittmar G, Guck J, Penack O.

          2017 -

          Mapping of Deformation to Apparent Young's Modulus in Real-Time Deformability Cytometry

          Herold C.

          2017 - ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering

          Numerical Simulation of Real-Time Deformability Cytometry To Extract Cell Mechanical Properties

          Mokbel M., Mokbel D., Mietke A., Träber N., Girardo S., Otto O., Guck J., and Aland S.

          2017 - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

          Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte-binding antigen 175 triggers a biophysical change in the red blood cell that facilitates invasion.

          Koch M., Wright KE., Otto O., Herbig M., Salinas ND., Tolia NH., Satchwell TJ., Guck J., Brooks NJ., Baum J.

          2017 - Development

          Single-cell mechanical phenotype is an intrinsic marker of reprogramming and differentiation along the mouse neural lineage

          Urbanska M., Winzi M., Neumann K., Abuhattum S., Rosendahl P.,  Müller P., Taubenberger A., Anastassiadis K., Guck J.

          2017 - Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity

          Toxicity and Immunogenicity in Murine Melanoma following Exposure to Physical Plasma-Derived Oxidants

          Bekeschus S., Rödder K., Fregin B., Otto O., Lippert M., Weltmann KD., Wende K., Schmidt A., Gandhirajan RK.

          2017 - Oncotarget

          V-ATPase inhibition increases cancer cell stiffness and blocks membrane related Ras signaling - a new option for HCC therapy

          Bartel K., Winzi M., Ulrich M., Koeberle A., Menche D., Werz O., Müller R., Guck J., Vollmar A.M, von Schwarzenberg K.

          2016 - eLife

          A pH-driven transition of the cytoplasm from a fluid- to a solid-like state promotes entry into dormancy

          M. C. Munder, D. Midtvedt, T. Franzmann, E. Nüske, O. Otto, M. Herbig, E. Ulbricht, P. Müller, A. Taubenberger, S. Maharana, L. Malinovska, D. Richter, J. Guck, V. Zaburdaev, S. Alberti. 

          2016 - Integrative Biology

          Mechanical phenotyping of primary human skeletal stem cells in heterogeneous populations by real-time deformability cytometry

          M. Xavier, P. Rosendahl, M. Herbig, M. Kräter, D. Spencer, M. Bornhäuser, R. O. C. Oreffo, H. Morgan, J. Guck, O. Otto.

          2016 - Molecular Metabolism

          The F-actin modifier villin regulates insulin granule dynamics and exocytosis downstream of islet cell autoantigen 512

          Mziaut H, Mulligan B, Hoboth P, Otto O, Ivanova A, Herbig M, Schumann D, Hildebrandt T, Dehghany J, Sönmez A, Münster C, Meyer-Hermann M, Guck J, Kalaidzidis Y, Solimena M.

          2015 - Oncotarget

          Association of the EGF-TM7 receptor CD97 expression with FLT3-ITD in acute myeloid leukemia

          M. Wobus, M. Bornhäuser, J. Guck, O. Otto, A. Jacobi, M. Kräter, C. Ortlepp, G. Ehninger, Ch. Thiede, U. Oelschlägel

          2015 - Biophysical Journal

          Cell Mechanics: Combining Speed with Precision

          Wyss H.M.

          2015 - Biophysical Journal

          Extracting Cell Stiffness from Real-Time Deformability Cytometry: Theory and Experiment

          A. Mietke, O. Otto, S. Girardo, P. Rosendahl, A. Taubenberger, S. Golfier, E. Ulbricht, S. Aaland, J. Guck, E. Fischer-Friedrich

          2015 - Biophysical Journal

          Myosin II Activity Softens Cells in Suspension

          C. J. Chan, A. E. Ekpenyong, S. Golfier, W. Li, K. J. Chalut, O. Otto, J. Elgeti, J. Guck, F. Lautenschläger

          2015 - Nature Methods

          Real-time deformability cytometry: on-the-fly cell mechanical phenotyping

          O. Otto, Ph. Rosendahl, A. Mietke, S. Golfier, Ch. Herold, D. Klaue, S. Girardo, S. Pagliara, A. Ekpenyong, A. Jacobi, M. Wobus, N. Töpfner, U. F. Keyser, J. Mansfeld, E. Fischer-Friedrich, J. Guck

          2013 - Science Translational Medicine

          Mechanics Meets Medicine

          Guck J., Chilvers E.R.

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