...with imaging- and force-cytometry in real-time.

We believe in the power of research.

With strong commitment, we stand alongside life scientists, supporting their scientific aspirations on a global scale. By introducing subtle shifts in perspective, we quietly encourage the birth of disruptive applications that will reshape the norm.

From conception to creation, we engineer, craft, and bring to life cutting-edge devices and applications for label-free cell analysis. 

Our products serve as catalysts, unraveling the intricate mechanisms of cell reactions and providing unprecedented insights into their world. They illuminate pathways to address profound systemic and holistic research endeavors. 

Embark on a journey where research boundaries are pushed, guided by unobtrusive breakthroughs that inspire the scientific community.

Lab Equipment


Your door to the world of cellular mechanics: Extend your research methods with a quantitative cell characterization device that detects many cell properties, -responses and -function that would otherwise remain hidden.


Extend your AcCellerator   with the FLuorescenceModule    and open a new dimension in RT-DC.


Extend your AcCellerator with the SortingModule for label-free, active cell sorting.


Constant heat, equaly distributed: adapt your measurement to physilogical temperatures.

Video Monitoring for Microfluidics


The AcCellerator reduced to  one of its key features: fast imaging.

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