high speed video-microscopy


  • Videos of up to 10.000 frames per second (fps), depending on the size of the region of interest
    (for example: 1024 x 1280 pix @ 500 Hz, 300 x 300 pix @ 4000 Hz,  170 x 170 pix @ 10000 fps)
  • Motion blurr suppression through MICROSECOND  image exposure time
    (for bright-field microscopy of up to 40x magnification)
  • Components:
  1.  Zeiss AxioObserver A1 including 40x NA 0.65 objective, manual x,y-stage, adjustable sample holder
  2. High-speed camera - Mikrotron EoSens CL
  3. PC-system including frame grabber
  4. Acqusition software: RecoTeem
  5. High-power LED AcCellerator L1
  • Data stored as .avi file containing 8-bit grayscale images
  • Application: microfluidics, for example observation of beads production

The price

The complete DeCellerator starts from 39 000 €. If you have a suiting microscope, the price reduces accordingly.
(only for business customers, excl. VAT)

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