you want to DO RT-DC Experiments with controlled temperature?

what you need is the


  • AcCellerator-compatible incubator box for devices based on Zeiss AxioObserver
  • Works with manual stages or motorized stages
  • Easy handling (On/Off and temperature setting)
  • Safety measures/ overheat protection
  • Controlled temperature between room temperature and 37 °C
  • Temperature stability 0.5 °C, temperature accuracy 0.5 °C
  • 1 hour heat-up time
  • 3 silent ventilators to distribute the heated air
  • Fast air circulation for quick temperature recovery after the system was opened
  • Auto tuning of the PID parameterization
  • Pt 1000 Sensor placed only few mm away from the FlicXX
  • Box material Plexiglas and Makrolon

The price

The HeatModule starts from 12 000 €
(only for business customers, excl. VAT)

Any question, suggestion or criticism?