tailored buffer conditions - cellcarrier

The forces exerted on the cells in the AcCellerator are controlled by the flow velocity and viscosity of the surrounding liquid. In RT-DC measurements, this liquid is the CellCarrier. The composition of CellCarrier is based on 1xPBS with <1% methyl cellulose and adjusted to a specific viscosity. These conditions have proven to be biocompatible for many cell lines and primary cells we tested. Every batch is delivered in sealed, sterile flasks.

Experiments with  more elastic (stiffer) cells and cells with typical cell diameters smaller than 60 % of the channel width (e.g. blood cells) require a more viscous liquid. To meet this demand, we offer CellCarrier B.

standard viscosity
(e.g. HL60 cell line)

higher viscosity
(e.g. human Leukocytes)

customized  buffer conditions

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