you want to use real-time deformability cytometry  ?

what you need is the


Extend your microscope with the AcCellerator

The AcCellerator  is designed as a modular extension for an inverted microscope and can be adapted to most of the commercial brands. The AcCellerator    includes:

  • High-speed CMOS camera
  • 40x/0.65 microscopy objective
  • High-power LED illumination
  • High-precision syringe pump with two syringe modules
  • Stabilizing sample holder and sample cover box
  • Dedicated computer, ready-to-use, including frame grabber (Windows-PC)
  • Measurement software ShapeIn for real-time deformability cytometry
  • Free open source analysis software ShapeOut  for post-experimental data evaluation

You have already an inverted microscope? Together we can evaluate the technical details to see if it is compatible to the AcCellerator or if we can easily make it compatible. Alternatively, we will help you in purchasing a microscope.

The price

The AcCellerator starts from 114 000 € including a microscope. All you need are 2 m² on a stable table in temperature stable room.
(only for business customers, excl. VAT)

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